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"Ever since the adequate care I have received from this office , I am not ashamed to say I am a recovering addict and it simply would not be possible with out the help, care, therapy, and medication assistance that I have received here , I strongly recommend anyone dealing/suffering from a substance abuse disorder to give this a shot for you to be able to completely turn your life around a have a successful recovery. I have gone constantly up & up to the moon with my life and being able to change it for the better. Truly great care and staff. Willing to do whatever it takes to see you succeed".


"I am so thankful that I found Ms. Michelle Hylton. I’ve been misdiagnosed my entire adult life and now that she has got me on the right track I can function without the severe anxiety and depression. My quality of life has completely improved".


"I’ve been seeing Miss Michelle for the past year now and had nothing but the best experience. It’s been a great help for my recovery journey"


"I recently crossed paths with footsteps to wellness due to an opiate issue I was and fighting with. Dr Michelle seem to be one of the only carriers of a new technology that would allow me to get through the detoxification process that hinders many from the life they deserve. The simple fact that this clinic is willing to take a different and albeit outside the box approach to getting people well gives me insight to their character. I couldn't be happier with how I was treated initially and after the fact. I wish nothing but the best for this clinic and for anyone else that know someone battling addiction please let them know that this clinic offers the bridge device. Eternal love and hope for you all and thank you a million times over!!❤️❤️❤️"


"Ms. Hylton is fantastic. I came here for help with mental health issues after dealing with some doctors that were unprofessional and dismissive. That was not my experience here! Even on the first appointment I felt like I got more accomplished than I had in the months I had spent with other providers. She was super thorough and I could tell she really wanted to get to the bottom of my concerns. I also like that she ordered blood work to rule out any other things that could be affecting my mental health (like vitamin deficiency, etc). She was sensitive and also knowledgeable so I felt very comfortable. I left the first appointment with a great plan of action for treatment. She does not mess around! Highly recommend!"


"Ms. Hylton is extremely professional, kind and non judgemental. My first visit to see her she was understanding and told me how brave I was to seek help. I highly recommend Ms. Hylton for her recovery program. Ms. Hylton will help you but you have to make the first step. I still see Ms. Hylton for my addiction and medical practice. God blessed me with having Ms. Hylton helping me with my addiction. I absolutely love her."


"This place is the BEST of the best! If you want to get off opiates, go here!!! They care and want to help you. Im extremely pleased with how they treated me. Excellent for help in your recovery."

Image by Christian Wiediger
Mental Wellness Client Reviews: Services
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