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"I'm a healthy late 30 y/o and wanted to spice things up in the bedroom so I turned to Footsteps to Wellness for my sexual wellness inquiry. Ms. Michelle was able to help me virtually which was bonus for me. She gave me a number of options to choose from...things I haven't heard about... something I haven't experienced from anywhere or anyone else. She offered real, tangible and AFFORDABLE options and the one I went with: Dream Cream, works wonders 😜!!!! Thank you Ms. Michelle!!!!!! I highly recommend Footsteps to Wellness. They will take care of you!"


"Ms Hylton has to be the best practitioner I have had the pleasure of meeting. Her consultation with me regarding my concerns put me at ease. She was very courteous and understanding; I was extremely nervous to say the least. The subject matter I was concerned with was affecting me and my marriage in a devastating way. I am a healthy man that is advanced in my years and finding someone that I am comfortable talking with regarding my romantic life with my wife was not easy. Ms. Hylton was very knowledgeable and took the time to listen to me. I have tried all the usual meds and natural supplements to no avail. She informed me that there was hope and prescribed a medication that I had never heard of. Needless to say, home life, marriage and wife are extremely much happier. She even counseled my wife and prescribed libido enhancement agents for her. I strongly suggest that if a guy or woman is effected with performance issues in the romance aspect of their relationships, see Ms. Hylton ASAP! It will change your life".


"I really enjoyed using this product,, it gave me amazing results and great satisfaction, I will definitely use it again"

Image by Christian Wiediger
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