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Vitamins are one of the cornerstones to good health. Vitamins and minerals play a significant role in cell function and overall health. Vitamins provide powerful and essential fuel for cellular processes. It is at the cellular level where disease and illness start. One of the ways to maintain health is through optimal vitamin, mineral and antioxidant supplementation. A well balanced diet is the primary source of good nutrition. However, in our fast paced society we often suffer from poor dietary options due to:  chemical food processing, elevated food prices, genetically modified foods and availability of convenience foods it has become harder to regularly obtain adequate essential vitamin and mineral sources through the diet. Vitamins alone cannot replace a balanced diet; however they can provide a good supplemental source.

It is best to obtain vitamins and minerals derived naturally from whole, unprocessed food sources. However, impairments with absorption and some prescription medications can also impair the ability to absorb optimal vitamins and minerals. Did you know prescription medications (such as Metformin, Anti-Seizure medications, Antipsychotics, Oral Birth Control, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Steroids and Stomach acid reducers) can deplete vital vitamins and minerals? Vitamins are also absorbed poorly in individuals; who abuse substances, with digestive and/or malabsorption conditions or whom have undergone weight loss surgery. 

At Footsteps to Wellness, we offer Vitamin Therapy intravenously (IV - through your vein), intramuscular (in the muscle injections) and medical grade vitamin oral supplements. 

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