Footsteps to Wellness is the only Nurse Practitioner owned Medical Wellness practice that promotes

Physical, Behavioral and Wellness care in Lake County.

At Footsteps Wellness, our mission is simple - to make you feel and stay healthy. 

Here, EVERY patient matters and believe in value over volume.

We take an individualized, comprehensive approach with all of our patients - catapulting their physical, mental and wellness health.

We welcome you!

-Ms. Michelle Hylton, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC



Read it from the Source

My weight lost journey .I'm having the time of my life! I have lost a total of 10 lbs already and feeling great. Thanks Ms. Michelle for all the coaching and motivation though out this process so far. I'm glad I'm taking this journey with someone that I can count on to see through and call me on my BS when necessary.

M. Goman

Ms. Hylton is a very intelligent and well educated Doctor who listens to your concerns, runs tests, diagnosis and treats accurately. She's amazing!

J. Fleetwood

Ms. Hylton is fantastic. I came here for help with mental health issues after dealing with some doctors that were unprofessional and dismissive. That was not my experience here! Even on the first appointment I felt like I got more accomplished than I had in the months I had spent with other providers. She was super thorough and I could tell she really wanted to get to the bottom of my concerns


There is not a lot of options for IV Vitamins drips in Lake County. The office was super clean, the staff was very professional and accommodating! I'm not a big fan of needles , but Ms. Michelle distracted me long enough, that I didn’t feel the insertion! This was my 1st time getting a IV Energy drip and I would definitely come again.


She informed me that there was hope and prescribed a medication that I had never heard of. Needless to say, home life, marriage and wife are extremely much happier. She even counseled my wife and prescribed libido enhancement agents for her. I strongly suggest that if a guy or woman is effected with performance issues in the romance aspect of their relationships, see Ms. Hylton ASAP! It will change your life.

D. Manning

I had such a great experience receiving my first ever IV hydration. I'm feeling fully restored and refreshed. I can't wait to do it again!

K. Morgan

I feel happier and much more confident that I had BOTOX done. I feel like my old self again. Ms. Hylton took her time to make me feel comfortable and happy with a natural result -without breaking the bank. I would definitely come back!

R. Hernandez

Miss Hylton is very thorough, explains things in easy to understand terms and she takes the time to listen me.

C. Anamelia

I received the Vitamin IV drip .The process was very quick and easy process. Everything about the place is nice and professional. I'd definitely do it again.

T. Dawson

Doctor Hylton is the most caring and attentive physician I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She truly listens and gives recommendations that really do help. Very easy to speak with and does her absolute best at being available for her patients.

A. Cintron

Love my new lips! First time getting fillers and I fell in love with them and more confident!

Y. Cuevas

The best office I've ever been to. Miss. Hylton is very understanding compassionate caring physician. I drive 63 miles to get here and would not care if it was 363 MI. Miss Hylton is outstanding very compassionate caring excellent at her job.

J. Black

She is unique in that she seems to really understand what its like to wear these shoes. Her office then went to war with insurance companies & drug manufacturers to make it possible for me to start therapy with a new medication that has literally changed my life. Suboxone saved my life, but after years of taking it it became a stronghold in its own right. I'm happy to report that I am no longer a slave to Suboxone, and I have Footsteps To Recovery to thank for that!

C. Lemke

I recently just completed the 3 month weight loss program and it has been a wonderful journey. I’ve lost over 40lbs and I’m not having to take many meds that I was required to take due to my unhealthy weight. Ms. Hylton’s program is a good accountability program with a weekly checkin that monitors your health and well being all through out the program. I highly recommend.

M. Brooks

NO JUDGEMENT HERE! Ms. Hylton is an exceptionally caring, understanding and a devoted medical PROFESSIONAL! Ms. Hylton was my 2nd attempt to find quality help with my recovery from addiction. I was overjoyed by her professionalism and caring.

C. Wylie