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Clinically supervised weight loss - with a integrative/functional medicine approach. Overweight and obesity are chronic relapsing conditions that affects over 65% of Americans. Obesity is a multi-factorial disease that takes into account: genetics, behavior, environment and hormones. An unhealthy weight can lead to multiple chronic conditions such as heart disease, sleep apnea, cancer and poor self image.  

Did you know:

-that over 95% of weight loss "diets" fail?

-most weight loss programs don't encourage physical activity?

-most weight loss programs don't focus on your overall health?

-that a complete "diet" of meal replacements are unrealistic? 

At Footsteps to Wellness, we take a comprehensive individualized approach to weight loss and weight management. We help build new healthy relationships with food. We provide a sustainable and safe weight management plan that includes:

-nutritional coaching with diet plans created by a Registered Dietician that include eating real supermarket food

-physical activity coaching with exercise plans created by a Personal Trainer

-lipotropic vitamin injections

-3D body composition scans

-prescription medications

Our weight loss program is available in Florida both in-office and virtually.

*Individual results will vary and are not guaranteed. 


The Support You Need

Ms. Michelle Hylton, APRN is a Nurse Practitioner and Certified Obesity Specialist. She has personally struggled with weight loss and weight management. She not only understands the barriers personally, but clinically. She aims to remove the stigma in individuals with overweight and obesity. Her program is designed to help others not only live healthy and develop a new relationship with food - but also to make a realistic, sustainable lifestyle change.

"Besides weight, what else do you have to loose?"

-M. Hylton, APRN

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